Documentary – 2014 – 57 min
Director Jean-Marie Fawer
Music : Olivier Fuchs

Production Ana Films / Alsace 20, CNC, Région Alsace, Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg eurometropole.

The Polygone, the ground next to Strasbourg private airport: Here live now from near 50 years a tzigane community of 150 families. The journeys restrictions that apply to them, forced many of them to settle. What is left of the gypsy culture when their caravans come to a halt ? What’s left of the nature when you settle down in cities ?

Between up-rooted and deep-rooted, the tziganes from the Polygone are looking for points of reference in today’s world, a new hope, a real and genuine place in the society. Listening to them, I discovered free men and women, proud, with open hearts.

This movie is the witness of my curiosity and my deep desire to learn from the others.