TAPS Théâtre Actuel et Public de Strasbourg
« Il Etaix une fois » with Frederic Solunto @ TAPS Laiterie.
Producer François Small
Music and sound design Olivier Fuchs

Pierre Étaix (1928 – 2016) was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. Étaix made a series of short- and feature-length films in the 1960s, many of them co-written by influential screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière. He won an Academy Award for best live action short film in 1963.

As an actor, assistant director and gag writer, Étaix worked with the likes of Jacques Tati, Robert Bresson, Nagisa Oshima, Otar Iosseliani and Jerry Lewis, the last of whom cast the comedian in his unreleased film The Day the Clown Cried.