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Film Music Composer – Compositeur de musique de film et documentaire

Discover Olivier Fuchs musical universe where pictures inspires textures


The Opera Garnier, a challenging building

The music of the documentary film The Opera Garnier, for Orchestra and electronic music, composed and arranged by Olivier Fuchs.
1875 : The Garnier Opera is unveiled. A daring and exceptional building.
It will take fifteen years, and three times the budget, to give birth to the opera.

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The wind of chemical warfare

Documentary - 2016 - 80 min Director Fabienne Lips-Dumas Music Olivier Fuchs Coproduction : ARTE GEIE, RTBF, YLE, RTSI, RTVE, TG4, Beijing Continental Bridge, TVO, LCP-AN TV partners : Arte, RTBF, YLE Winds of Chemical Warfare, which the world awakened to, once more...

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Il Etaix une fois

TAPS Théâtre Actuel et Public de Strasbourg "Il Etaix une fois" with Frederic Solunto @ TAPS Laiterie. Producer François Small Music and sound design Olivier Fuchs Pierre Étaix (1928 – 2016) was a French clown, comedian and filmmaker. Étaix made a series of short- and...

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Liverpool !

Pop production, sound engineering and mixing in Liverpool ! @ Parr Street Studio, with Chris Taylor @ Motor Museum, with Al Grove @ Lipa music school

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Dream of Autumn – Jon Fosse

Recording session : Dream of Autumn's music, performed by Adrien Dennefeld, Cello. Theater - 2017 - 90' Producer Olivier Chapelet - Cie OC&CP Music Olivier Fuchs Jon Fosse is a mystic, but a much present one. His role characters are always dignified when viewed in...

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Tziganes, an endless trip

Documentary - 2014 - 57 min Director Jean-Marie Fawer Music : Olivier Fuchs Production Ana Films / Alsace 20, CNC, Région Alsace, Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin, Strasbourg eurometropole. The Polygone, the ground next to Strasbourg private airport: Here live now from...

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